Cloud Express Backup is a new data backup solution for SME’s in Ireland and the UK. We deliver Enterprise Backup service at SME prices. Its designed from the ground up to deliver features and service normally associated with very expensive enterprise backup solutions. Cloud Express Backup delivers great enterprise features at a price point that SME’s can easily afford.

Cloud Express Backup uses brand new cutting edge software. Its designed for the modern world, where customers run most of their applications in house and others from the cloud. We back up all your in-house data sitting on local servers and any cloud based applications sitting in Amazon or Azure.

Enterprise Backup at SME prices

We use new technology, not re-heated old stuff!

Almost all existing cloud backup solutions are using old technology. They just repeat the problems of the past into a cloud datacentre. Consequently, you’re left with a service that may be cheap, but its not very good. Often, you only find out how about the problems with your cloud backup service when it comes time to actually restore data from old backups!

We believe that complex backup systems that often still rely on tapes are no longer fit for purpose in the modern IT environment. Many of the current online backup suppliers are still using old technology developed for a different time, that are just re-badged as cloud services.

Enterprise backup service features at SME prices

Because we use next generation cloud storage and cloud backup software, we are able to cut out all the inefficient and time consuming issues that adds cost to a cloud backup service.

As a result – we can deliver a brilliant service at lower cost.

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