Cloud Express Backup Partners

Cloud Express Backup is sold through Savenet Solutions and via a network of business partners throughout Ireland. Right now we are looking to expand our partner network. We’re looking for IT solutions re-sellers, IT services and managed services businesses.


What do we require of Partners?

Cloud Express Backup is designed to provide a simple cloud backup service that is efficient and highly cost effective, both for end user customers and our partners alike.

As a Cloud Express Backup partner, all you need to do is work with your customers to understand what data they need backed up and what the retention policies are.

You then send this information to us in the template provided and we do the rest – it really is that simple!


Answers to FAQs for partners:
  • No need for you to get technically certified on any of the technology involved.
  • No commitments to minimum spend or backup data quotas.
  • No conflict of interest – first come first served for all partners.
  • Everyone gets the same pricing based on the volume of data to be backed up and the retention policies.


If you think it may be a good fit for your business to partner with us, please get in touch to discuss further.
Contact Adrian Kelly on

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