Getting started with your Cloud Backup service couldn’t be simpler.

To get started with your Cloud Backup solution from Cloud Express Backup, all you have to do is contact us or choose from one of our approved re-seller partners, tell us what data you need backed-up and what retention policies you require, we’ll do the rest!

Cloud backup service company in Ireland

Four easy steps to Total Peace of Mind

Step 1.   Contact us and tell us what you need from a backup solution.

Step 2.   You fill out a simple on-boarding template document with all the information we need. This gives us the size of the environment and what the backup and retention policies are.

Step 3.   Once completed this is sent to the Cloud Express help desk with instructions on the date and time the install is required.

Step 4.   The initial software install takes approximately 15 minutes per server.


That’s it!

You’re now protected with Cloud Express Backup for as long as you want.

All your data is protected with the highest levels of security and resilience – all managed by our ISO 27001 certified processes.

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